October 7th, 2013

the new Ryan Adams produced Fall Out Boy ep has been released a week early and it is a fucking belter. Enjoy and throw your horns high. 

Moose Blood - Evening Coffee (acoustic)

Brilliant song, brilliant band, brilliant version. They just announced a gig with Departures and are hitting up the Leeds Packhorse on November 8th, i think everyone that can should get down as both bands shall explode and it’ll be an incredible gig.

Fall Out Boy - Love, Sex, Death 

As a die hard Fall Out Boy fan this track makes me incredibly happy. After Nirvana - Nevermind and Green Day - Dookie, i’d probably rate Take This To Your Grave as the next most influential album in my life as i was like 14 when I heard this and it just threw me into the pop punk world and culture i’m still in now. The latest album, Save Rock and Roll, i ended up loving even though it wasn’t the sound or direction i was hoping for. This new song, one of eight which will be added to a delux release of Save Rock and Roll was produced by the legendary Ryan Adams, as are the other 8 songs and it is FUCKING AWESOME! just a loud punk rock banger! Enjoy

Officially Back

So i am now, officially, back. After three and a half months of an American Adventure then ten days of being home in England trying to catch up with everyone i missed and then an incredible week in Italy with my amazing boyfriend i am BACK IN ENGLAND for the for seeable future. That means back to daily updates on music, film, art, my general musing about the state of things (i’ll hold off on writing about my loathing of everything Miley Cyrus, as  i am pretty sure everyone has covered that, but in short, don’t joke about mental health you cretinous disney child).

So this is me, Sara, back and unemployed and ready to spam your eyes out. 

September 25th, 2013

Grimes - Genesis

So apparently this morning is my electro grove morning, i guess it must be the lovely grey british weather which must make me want to feel like i’m at a chilled rave on a beach haha. 

Grimes has been kicking around for ages and this album is a few years old but i really do love this song. It reminds me of nights at uni when me and all my housemates would come back from a big night out and all chill in someone’s room listening to some slow groves like Submotion Orchestra or Bonobo. 

Enjoy the chill vibes. 

Hurricane - MS MR

This was possibly my summer song of LA, even though it is quite un-summery and has more of an end of a bad night out / early morning shameful hangover vibe. 

Not my usual punk type stuff, but then again this blog was never meant to be a sole punk dedicated blog, but more one to show my eclectic mix of taste.

It has a 90’s Sneaker Pimps vibe, which obviously means i really dig it. 


Summer 2013 and why i have not been on this blog

This summer has without a shadow of a doubt been the most incredible summer of my life. This summer i spent 9 weeks in Fairlee, Vermont working at a summer camp for boys aged 8-12. I was in the camp craft department and a DTL (designated trip leader) which basically means i did cool shit out doors every day and got to peak 7 mountains along the appalachian trail and the long trail. Not bad going. I worked everyday from 8am to 10pm and made friends that i know shall last an entire life time. It altered my perception of life forever in many ways and i am so thankful i got the opportunity.

This is why i haven’t been on this blog in almost four months (i spent another month after camp in Los Angeles visiting family and friends and taking a mini road trip to Zion national park and Bryce Canyon national park) 

This year i also gained the most incredible boyfriend, not only did he meet me at Heathrow and write to me all summer (camp had no wi-fi) but he is whisking me away to italy for a week, so this blog has me today, then wont have me again until the 7th of October, however, i promise as soon as i am properly properly back and have to start the job hunt/flat hunt again i will have infinite time to keep up with this blog.

April 8th, 2013
this is fantastic. i wish i knew who did this to congratulate them on such a good job! 

this is fantastic. i wish i knew who did this to congratulate them on such a good job! 

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April 6th, 2013


but how fucking SICK is the new Daylight album Jar?! go check it out on their band camp now and pay the $5 because it is that incredible. Great 90s vibes